The Waterhouse Club is a major support group of the South Australian Museum  and has just celebrated 30 years since its inception.

The Club offers access to the Museum’s scientists
The South Australian Museum’s scientists are at the centre of our Club’s program and their talents and exciting discoveries are showcased by the Club’s exceptional expeditions and events. The Club founded in 1987, is young in spirit and experimental in its diverse program.

For example a recent one day expedition, Granites and Glaciers, was a fascinating trip back in time to 250 million years ago when Victor Harbor, Port Elliot and The Bluff were being shaped by glaciers, while 5-10 kms below the Earth’s surface granites were intruding into ancient sandstones and siltstones in the area that became the Fleurieu.

Our scientific leader, Adjunct Professor Jim Jago (Honorary Research Associate at the South Australian Museum) was assisted by Club Member Keith Yates, Exploration and Mining Geologist. Together they led us on a geological investigation through Glacier Rock, The Bluff and Port Elliot.

Education, entertainment and travel.
The Club’s aims are to enlighten and have a good time – standards are high and events are staged with flair.  Destinations are chosen for their scientific interest and beauty, often with privileged access. We aim to see the world through the multi-disciplined eyes of the Museum, which can be a life transforming experience.

Your kind of people
The Club’s objective is to provide a network of influential people to give support to The Museum through influence and raising money for the Museum Foundation. On joining, you can expect to be among people who are at a stage in life when they can take an interest in the natural world and let their curiosity flourish through access to authoritative knowledge.

Separate from the Waterhouse Club, the Museum has an excellent program of activities for families and children which is best accessed through  Museum Membership.

The Granites and Glaciers Expedition

Adjunct Professor Jim Jago Tutorial: Inspecting sedimentary structures in the Kanmantoo Group, on the road to the jetty at The Bluff

On-site interpretation at Petrel Cove